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GDC Europe 2013 Highlights & BlackBerry DevBlog Guest Post

By Christian

We just arrived from Cologne, so we can’t wait to share our experiences from GDC Europe 2013!

GDC Europe

The GDC is the Mecca for professional game developers.  Thus it was clear we will attend the conference as we did last year, but this year turned out to be different! As we recently announced our support for BlackBerry, we got the chance to present Felgo on the BlackBerry booth this year!

Felgo BB Booth

But there was even more: We were invited to give a guest talk at the presentation by Anders Jeppsson, Global Head of Gaming BlackBerry, and introduced Felgo to the GDC audience live on stage in the Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit! Honored, and, to be honest, excited, we entered the stage of the talk “Building Your Gaming Strategy for BlackBerry 10” and gave a 15-minute intro to Felgo.

Chris showed how QML allows rapid game development with code savings up to 60% compared with C++ based game frameworks. And he explained why user-generated content is the next big thing for mobile as it helps to keep your players engaged while adding a constant revenue stream for you as a developer.

Felgo GDC Talk

BlackBerry DevBlog Announcement About Felgo

During GDC, BlackBerry published an article how to get started with Felgo and what the benefits for Qt and BlackBerry developers are on their popular development blog. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from BB devs and are truly happy about our decision to support BlackBerry and about finding such a great partner to work with. You can read the blog post on the BlackBerry dev blog here: http://devblog.blackberry.com/2013/08/getting-started-with-the-v-play-gaming-engine/

GDC Conclusion

For us GDC was a complete success – not only could we meet many game developers and present Felgo to them, but we also have seen a great demand for cross-platform tools specialized for mobiles. Mobile is THE place to publish your games in 2013 as the mobile smartphone market is growing like crazy, and games cater for 80% of all the revenue made in the app stores. We are here to support you in bringing your games to all mobile app stores, and already look forward to the next GDC.

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