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    I’d like to start a discussion about the libraries, frameworks, API’s, formats, etc. that are and are not supported by Felgo. In a previous post, Christian stated that Felgo currently supports OpenGL ES 1.1 and not SVG, but OpenGL ES 2.0 and SVG will be supported in Felgo 2.0.

    Since Felgo apps are written in QML and JavaScript, I suspect that most node modules.js that have a “require” statement (from ejs.js) and many JavaScript components that use the DOM can’t be used in QML or Felgo.

    If you can provide specifics, please enter the following: Name, Version, URL, source URL (optional), language, description, Felgo versions supported or non-supported, additional comments. As an example:


    Version: .9 (1.0 should be released soon)


    Source URL:

    Language: JavaScript

    Comments: QtSocketIo is under development in C++

    Description: Cross-browser WebSocket for realtime apps

    Felgo Versions: Doesn’t work with any version of QML or, therefore, Felgo



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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