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    I have some questions about the “Local Push Notifications” plugin.

    1. In the docs it is said that the sound is played when a notification fires. But in my case it is not working. I am testing on Samsung Galaxy S5. Notification is shown correctly, but without any sound. The code is availible on Github: https://github.com/grin3s/testNotifications. It is just a “hello world” project with a single file “Main.qml”.
    2. If the sound actually works, can I set a custom one?
    3. Suppose I want to receive a notification when something happens, not when a time interval finishes. For example, I want to periodically load data from a server from the background (the app is not in the foreground, the user is doing some other things with his/her device) and fire a notification depending on that data . I know that there are things like Parse and GCM. But I want to implement something like a background service for Android but using qt/v-play so that it can be compiled for all platforms. Is it possible without any additional code using JNI/Java for Android and something similar for IOS?



    Felgo Team

    Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for reporting, there is indeed a bug in our notification plugin for playing sounds on some devices, this one will be fixed with the upcoming Felgo update 2.8.5. Setting custom sounds is a feature that we can provide for indie and enterprise customers, just let us know as soon as it is relevant to you!

    Regarding your third question: Local notifications are implemented to trigger on timed constraints by design of the underlying platforms. Currently there is no easy solution for background services in place, despite our GCM plugin, yes. Can you describe your use case in more detail in an email to support@felgo.com? We would be happy to discuss that in more detail. 🙂





    Thank you for the reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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