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    Felgo Team

    Update regarding testDeviceId:

    The current version of the AdMob SDK only accepts the testDeviceId that you can find in the device log output. If you want to test with live ads instead, make sure not to display the AdMob Item in every device test, or you risk getting your AdMob account banned for fraud.

    // testing with live ads
    Admob {
      // if the item never gets visible, no ad request is sent
      // set this to true when you need the ad for you device test or when publishing!
      visible: false;
      // you could also use this binding to be 100% sure it is visible in your pusblish build
      //visible: system.publishBuild ? true : false // change false to true for testing

    Any news regarding your issues Raimonds? I tested the small code snippet from post #5848 on several devices with success.






    Thanks for info

    Unfortunately, I have not had time to test AdMob components on the device.

    When i will test it, then i post here for results.


    Best Regards




    Hi Alex,

    I finally get it work. It was my fault, that was shown.

    i looked into documentation

    publisherId: "<your-publisher-id>"

    And i copied “Publisher-ID” of my AdMob account (yes, there is another id for account). But i needed ID from Item-publisher-ID what i created. Even now I blame myself – how could I …

    … so, anyway, Thanks for your time. It is very valuable that you maintain good contact!


    Best Regards


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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