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    I just find the instructions too complicated. Can someone tell me how to put ads on an app using admob? I need all the steps.



    Hi Joel,
    Could you please explain a little which bit is too complicated?

    1. Which exactly part from the docs is too complicated for you, could you please point exactly the complex part?
    2. Which docs did you read? What exactly you want to achieve, just displaying a interstitial ?
    3. Did you try to run any of the examples, for example PluginDemo?

    Answers to these question would really make it easier to help you ­čÖé



    I’m confused on the whole thing but it looks like I won’t really get a chance to do it with too much stuff to do. For the type of ads, even that is hard to decide, I guess I’d want both or just whatever most people choose, or recommended ad types. I have not run any examples of the plugins. Also I’m not even sure if I can do this since I’m no longer a paid member, but I was told I can still put the ads on it. I already have an admob account with some apps that were done using a website so I know how to do that. I just don’t know how to do it with your software.


    Felgo Team


    We changed our plans some time ago so Monetization plugins like AdMob are also available for developers using the free Personal Plan.

    You can use the AdMob Plugin items in QML like any other Felgo Component as soon as you add import Felgo 3.0.
    The most important part:
    For the AdMob Plugin to work, it is required that the native iOS or Android AdMob Frameworks are added and linked when building for these platforms.
    You can find the respective Integration Steps in the AdMob documentation.

    For a working integration example, please have a look at the PluginDemo project, which is available with full source code.


    If you already have an AdMob account, you can create the Advertisements as usual, and then use your IDs for e.g. the AdMobBanner::adUnitId.

    Hope this helps!


    Note: If you do not have a licenseKey set for your game, you will see a Felgo Watermark and an alert dialog will pop up when you use the plugin.
    To activate the plugin, please create a license key as described here. This is also possible for Admob with the free Personal Plan.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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