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    Fred Weigman


    I am new here. Just registered. I am interested in making some games that would incorporate video chat rather than just plain text chat.

    Is this possible. I know a third party, Tokbox, that can help to produce the video chat component but then I am not sure how I could integrate it with a Felgo game of my own unless Felgo has an added functionality to include video of the players.



    Felgo Team

    Hi Fred!

    Felgo does not have special support for a video chat or TokBox integration at the moment. However, as Felgo is based on Qt, you can easily integrate custom C++ code to your QML/Felgo project. This allows to use all C++ Qt features for e.g. Multimedia or Networking.

    To integrate third party libraries for Android and iOS, like the mobile app Frameworks that TokBox offers, you can freely mix your C++ code with Obj-C to use native iOS features/frameworks. The same is possible for Android by accessing custom Java code from C++ via JNI.

    This approach is also used by our Felgo Plugins for social integration, analytics, ads or push notifications. For example, the AdMob Plugin uses the native Google AdMob Frameworks to display ads on iOS and Android.

    If you have some budget for your project, we can also help out by having a closer look at TokBox to create a short proof-of-concept project to evaluate using the video chat service in Felgo Projects. We can do so with the purchase of a support package or the included support hours of our enterprise plan.

    Would this be interesting for you?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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