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    I added this to level.qml in flappy bird

      BackgroundMusic {
        id: backgroundMusic
        source: "../audio/music.mp3"
        // autoPlay: true - this is set by default

    and it plays great but im not sure where to put an imagebutton so I can call the states for pause and play. I tried to do it in gamescene.qml but no luck..i don’t even know if Im doing the right code. thanks for the help all


    Felgo Team


    hey, I looked at the examples but I still cannot find where they show how to mute the music with a button. I have added the above code to level.qml and it works but I need to add an icon on the screen to pause the music and to play it when clicked again. are you able to give me an example where to put the codes…is it in the gamescene.qml? do I have to create new fucntions for the backgroundmusic code? thanks


    Felgo Team


    the code could look like this:

    ImageButton {
        onClicked: {
          //the settings.musicEnabled flag enables/disables the background music, and also stores this in the database, so the music stays enabled/disabled on the next app start
          settings.musicEnabled = !settings.musicEnabled
        // change the source to display different images in case the music is enabled or disabled
        source: settings.musicEnabled ? "music_on.png" : "music_off.png"

    Of course you will have to add the images for the button (in my example music_on.png and music_off.png) to the spritesheet.

    Hope this helps.

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    hey thank you so much…the code works under menu.qml but I cannot get it to work under gamescene…any ideas?



    I got it, I put it in the main.qml instead. thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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