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    I’m just trying to give the entity I’m building a specific property. In my case I want to create a Bird. In our Bird.qml there is the property “property bool isBowlingBird: false” and now I want an BuildEntityButton, that sets this value to true when I build the Bird. (Bird gets another appearance and behaves differently when hit)

    Another example, where we need to set a property when dragging it into the level would be with our wall, where we want to set a rotation.

    I used the code I could find in the BuildEntityButton’s docu, but it doesn’t work. Here my code:


    We have a template for all our EntityBaseDraggables (DraggableEntityTemplate):

    EntityBaseDraggable {
        // settings for the draggable
        clickingAllowed: false
        allowedToBuild: true
        draggingAllowed: true
        gridSize: 20
        // the collider's size is exactly 1x1 grid
        colliderSize: 20
         property bool levelDraggingMode: false


    The Bird.qml is a DraggableEntityTemplate with the property isBowlingBird.


    We also have a BuildEntityButtonTemplate:

    BuildEntityButton {
        property alias toCreateEntitySource: image.source
        width: 50
        height: 50
        Image {
          id: image
          // make it the size of the parent
          anchors.fill: parent


    And here is the real EntityButton:

    BuildEntityButtonTemplate {
           toCreateEntityType: "entities/Bird.qml"
           toCreateEntitySource: "img/bird_yellow.png"
           width: 30
           height: 25
           creationProperties: { isBowlingBird: true }


    Well, this looks for me exactly like your code in the docu. But when I try to drag the Bird into the Level I get these errors:

    file::/qml/VPlay/level/BuildEntityButton.qml:317: TypeError: Result of expression 'createdEntity' [undefined] is not an object.
    file::/qml/VPlay/level/BuildEntityButton.qml:338: TypeError: Result of expression 'createdEntity' [undefined] is not an object.
    file::/qml/VPlay/level/BuildEntityButton.qml:338: TypeError: Result of expression 'createdEntity' [undefined] is not an object.
    file::/qml/VPlay/level/BuildEntityButton.qml:338: TypeError: Result of expression 'createdEntity' [undefined] is not an object.


    Some more infos: I’m using the latest version of v-play, I’m using v-play_daily, don’t know whether this was needed or not, but I also used qmake, clean and rebuild project. Without setting a creationProp everything works fine and I can drag my common birds/walls into the game.

    What am I missing?


    Felgo Team


    unfortunately there is a mistake in our docu with the creationProperties.

    It should be

    creationProperties: { "isBowlingBird" : true }

    instead of

    creationProperties: { isBowlingBird : true }


    Did this solve your problem?

    Best Regards,





    Thank you very much, it solved my problem. 🙂




    I got one more question concerning the BuildEntityButton and the properties and I didn’t want to create a new thread.

    So setting properties like a rotation works fine when dragging an entity into the game. But when I now have e.g. my wall with a rotation of 45, that I already dragged into the game, and I want to change it’s position by picking it up again, and moving it around, it loses it’s set property. Meaning in my case I dragged a wall with rotation 45 into the game, and after picking it up again, the rotation got reset to 0.

    Is this a known bug, or can I do anything against it?

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