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    As the title said,I can’t compile FacebookSample taken Github for Android device it show me these error :


    * What went wrong:

    Execution failed for task ‘:mergeDebugResources’.

    > Error: Failed to run command:

    C:\UsersnzaPC\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\build-tools\23.0.1\aapt.exe s -i C:\FelgoSDK\Examples\Felgo\appdemos\build-FacebookSample-Android_for_armeabi_GCC_4_9_Qt_5_5_1-Debug\android-build\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.facebook.android\facebook-android-sdk\3.20.0\res\drawable-xhdpi-v4\com_facebook_tooltip_black_bottomnub.png -o C:\FelgoSDK\Examples\Felgo\appdemos\build-FacebookSample-Android_for_armeabi_GCC_4_9_Qt_5_5_1-Debug\android-build\build\intermediates\res\debug\drawable-xhdpi-v4\com_facebook_tooltip_black_bottomnub.png

    Error Code:



    C:\FelgoSDK\Examples\Felgo\appdemos\build-FacebookSample-Android_for_armeabi_GCC_4_9_Qt_5_5_1-Debug\android-build\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.facebook.android\facebook-android-sdk\3.20.0\res\drawable-xhdpi-v4\com_facebook_tooltip_black_bottomnub.png ERROR: Unable to open PNG file





    EDIT : In another project I can compile it but when I start my apps it crash due to the Facebook plugin


    Sorry for bad english





    Felgo Team

    Hi Nijean!

    Your build error might be related to the maximum path-length limit of 260 characters on windows. (See this related topic on stack overflow: Android Studio – Unable to open png file)

    That could be also the reason why it works in another project. As for the crash you get because of the plugin:
    Did you follow the installation instructions for the Facebook plugin? For example, downloading the plugin with the maintenance tool, as described here.





    Tanks you the first problem is solved, it was the maximum path-length limit of 260 characters.

    The second problem is still persistent, I have done all of the installation instructions for the Facebook plugin and of course I have downloaded the plug-in from Maintenance tool.  I have reproduced the Facebook example from Github in my project, but the crash at the start still persists . I can PM you my project so that you can try it by yourself.


    Thanks you for your support

    My project



    Felgo Team


    I think we should focus on solving the error on your side, as the FacebookSample project should work when you deploy it.
    One point that can cause a problem is the licenseKey which is set for the Facebook plugin.
    This key is bound to a certain package-identifier and version-code of the application. If you copy the plugin code from the sample project to your own project, the key is not valid anymore for the settings of your project.

    But you should be able to run the FacebookSample, which has the correct settings.
    If the Qt Creator log does not give any hints about an error, please try running the Android Device Monitor for some more detailed log output. You can find the Device Monitor within the “tools” directory of your Android SDK installation. (or you can start it from within Android Studio)

    This should give us some insight on what’s going wrong.




    • This reply was modified 8 years ago by  GT.


    I have generated a LiscenseKey with this, then my problem is still present. The FacebookSample works well. I can’t deploy to android emulator that works whit Qt due to this bug QTCREATORBUG-15006 and QTCREATORBUG-14201 so I use a BlueStacks Android emulator to test my project. In this case I cant use Android Device Monitor.




    Felgo Team

    I just had a look at your project:
    The license key at the Facebook plugin definition in your Home.qml is the license key of the FacebookSample. As I mentioned earlier, you would need to set your own license key that matches “com.donegames.apps.neariou” version “1” and includes the Facebook plugin. You can create one here: Generate License Key
    At least a Felgo indie license is required in order to generate license keys for using the plugins.

    I was able to run your application on my android phone without a crash after I set a valid license key.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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