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    Yes, I’m using Chartboost plugin 1.04

    I’m using the chartboost.jar from github (243kb).

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    Okay, I tried today to build the application on a different system. I installed the complete developer environment again (Qt, Android SDK, NDK, JDK etc.), this time on Windows (before i used Mac). Since Alex said previously “we unfortunately can’t reproduce the issue with our test projects and the integration guide”, I was thinking maybe there is something wrong with my build environment.

    So after installing and updating everything I downloaded the chartboost demo from github and tried to deploy it on my Samsung S3 mini. I get the same error as I did on OS X:

    F/libc    (11868): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x006e0067 (code=1), thread 11929 (hartboostSample)
    "net.vplay.plugins.ChartboostSample" died.


    Does charboost work for you? I’ve tried everything but I cant get it to work.



    Felgo Team

    Just a short follow-up, we are currently testing Chartboost plugin version 1.1 which adds new functionality, fixes the known issues and also bumps the Chartboost SDK version numbers to the latest ones available. The update will follow during the week.





    Awesome! Looking forward to it.



    Maybe I’m missing something bloody obvious, but I get the following debug output, when I run the ChartboostSample: “module “VPlay.plugins.chartboost” is not installed

    And I do have it installed.



    Felgo Team


    Yes, I tried it the Chartboostsample and the documentary way. And apart oft that I did not quite get if the bundle prefix is optional or mandatory for the Plugins to work…but as said: cant get the sample code to run either. Having a look at the qt installation folder i can see the chartboost libs…


    Felgo Team


    let’s try to get into the issue a little bit:

    1. Is the Chartboost import version matching the version you’ve actually installed (there is an update to version 1.1 available since the beginning of the week)? The latest plugin uses the import

    import VPlay.plugins.chartboost 1.1

    like in this demo file: https://github.com/vplayplugins/ChartboostSample/blob/master/main.qml


    2. Also, if you’re using Android, could you please make sure that you added the following line in your project file

    LIBS += -lChartboostPlugin

    like here: https://github.com/vplayplugins/ChartboostSample/blob/master/ChartboostSample.pro#L21


    3. Lastly, which platform are you building on (Android or iOS)?






    I was successfully running the new Chartboost sample app on my android phone today. I had to install the Google Play Services via the Android SDK Manager as explained here. I then had to change the API level to android-21 in step 3 to match the API installed in the SDK Manager. In step 4 i edited the ChartboostSample/android/project.properties to also match the API level.

    Now it works and the problems I had before are gone. Next step will be to integrate the new Chartboost into my own game.


    Felgo Team

    Thanks for reporting Mathias!

    Cheers, Chris



    Thanks to your help it’s working for me as well, thanks!!!

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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