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    I upgraded to Qt5.13.2 and now, when I run my app I cannot close it by just closing the app.

    I must use the “stop running program” button in the application output window in which case the app crashes.

    I have no idea where to look. Added Qt5.12.3 again but to see if that was causing the problem

    but then I get all sorts of errors like,  error: ‘FelgoApplication’ file not found


    I have no clue where to look, anyone any idea’s


    Felgo Team

    Hi Theo,

    let’s try to narrow down the issue.

    1. What platform are you running on?
    2. Does this happen only in debug mode or also in release mode?
    3. Does this also happen with a new empty Felgo project created from the wizard in Qt Creator?
    4. If yes, does it also happen with a pure Qt Quick application without Felgo?




    Hi Alex,


    Iám running on Windows 10, running in the release mode using MSVC2017 64 bit

    I have not set the debugger so I did not run in debug mode

    Running an application without Felgo I can normally close the app which was the case with my Felgo app

    before the upgrade. Did not try to run any examples or a new project yet will do that later this afternoon.

    I will let you know the outcome.



    OK, just tried it with a new Felgo project from the wizard, app normally closes.

    Looks like the problem is specific for my app.



    Doing some more developing on the interface the problem is “solved”

    I do not know why but the problem is gone



    Do not see how to close this item, but it can be closed



    My app is handling connections with ble devices.

    It looks that problems under Windows with bluetooth are causing this problem

    qt.bluetooth.winrt: Characteristic operation failed

    switching off and on bluetooth in windows makes the app close in a normal way.

    Must be due to the fact that with Qt5.13 it is no longer necessary to pair the ble devices with windows.

    Removed the devices from “Bluetooth & other device” under windows. The app closes now in a normal way

    but other problems (not seeing the notifications) are now introduced. Wil have to investigate this issue now

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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