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    Are these versions supported?  After adding Felgo to a fresh install of the latest release from qt.io on Ubuntu 16.04, I immediately get these errors starting Creator.


    Could not resolve dependency ‘Core(4.4.1)’

    Could not resolve dependency ‘ProjectExplorer(4.4.1)’

    Could not resolve dependency ‘Help(4.4.1)’


    Felgo Team

    Hi Mike!
    Felgo currently uses Qt 5.9.3 and Qt Creator 4.4.1. The warnings you see come from our custom Qt Creator Plugin by Felgo, which is built for Qt Creator 4.4.1.
    You can download the Felgo installer that comes with these Qt and Qt Creator versions here.

    Günther from Felgo



    Thanks for the response.  Do you plan to release an up date for 4.5/5.10 anytime soon?  How long does Felgo typically lag behind Qt releases?  BTW, I’ve really been loving Felgo and it definitely speeds up our development.  Hoping to get the best of both worlds, Felgo and latest Qt features 🙂  Again, thank you!



    Hi Mike,
    Base on the responses from core devs in other forum topics and my own experience, it will happen with next update.
    In general Felgo switches quickly to newest Qt releases, apart from really rare cases when Qt has some really breaking bugs, especially in mobile area.
    Fortunately it doesn’t happen often.



    Thanks, Marcin!  That’s good to hear.  I’ve used Qt for years on embedded projects but a complete n00b to Felgo…still getting a feel for all-the-things, especially support and community–seem really good so far.

    For the curious, is there a roadmap or <b>”what we’re working on”</b>  or maybe a backlog anywhere public?

    I’ve seen

    I really like how Qt has things like

    Again, thanks for the fast responses and really digging the Felgo community!



    Hmm I would also like to know the answer 🙂
    Especially the last big update, Felgo Live, wasn’t really shown on any road map, as far as I am aware.
    Would be nice to know about  big things going with the next 1-3 releases.

    Probably there is a reason why not everything is specified before.
    I guess guys at Felgo sometimes have some blockers, like limited resources or priorities changes, which can affect plans hence lack of really clear road map.
    Despite Felgo being good product, I think it is made by talented but relatively small team.
    Lets wait for official answer though.


    Felgo Team


    there’ll be a roadmap blog post in the next weeks. We’ve got some bigger items on the list but need to do more work on technical proof-of-concepts first to prevent announcing something which we then can’t deliver at all or on time.

    Generally, the biggest new features we are working on is support for web (HTML5 compatible export of your projects) and providing the option to also develop from a cloud IDE up to the point where you can create your application binary with cloud build servers.

    We’ll update to Qt 5.10 (or 5.10.1) as soon as it is mature enough to not have any crucial bugs for mobile in it and after we have the Felgo components fully tested with new major versions. Updates to minor versions or new Qt Creator versions happen usually within the same week after they have been released by Qt.

    For Enterprise customers we also offer building custom Felgo libraries for any Qt versions and platforms (including beta versions) as part of the included support package.

    Cheers, Chris



    That sounds great, thanks Christian!



    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for answer, on point as always.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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