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    Miguel Amaro

    Hi, I’m doing the Felgo udemy course by Grant KlimaytysChristian Feldbacher. I’m getting this error for some reason. There was an similar problem in the tut that gave the “Fatal error in URL GET” which had to do with openSSL but, I downloaded the three files and it started working. This seems to be something else.

    Where might this error be coming from? It seems like it’s successful the first time and then It’s called  a second for some reason, and fails…

    My input: london

    Felgo Live Server Output:
    Success parsing JSON
    Server returned app code: 100
    Fatal error in URL GET

    //I click the go button to search for "london" listings 
      AppButton {
                    text: qsTr("Go")
                    onClicked: search()
    //The search function from Logic.qml is called
     function search() {
            logic.searchListings(searchInput.text, true)
    //Logic.qml send a signal
    signal searchListings (string searchText, bool addToRecents)
    //Datamodel.qml receives the signal and calls which calls response Callback as a parameter?? no more bool???
    Connections {
            id: logicConnection
      , _.responseCallback)
    //Client.qml search..
    function search (text, callback){
                              action: "search_listings",
                              page: 1,
                              place_name: text
                          }, callback)


    Item {
            id: _ //private member
            readonly property string serverUrl: ""
            property var lastParamMap: ({})
            function buildUrl (paramMap){
                var url = serverUrl
                for (var param in paramMap){  //Gets loops for each URL parameter and adds it the to URL String
                    url += "&" + param + "=" + paramMap[param]
                return url
            function sendRequest (paramMap, callback) {
                var method = "GET"
                var url = buildUrl(paramMap)
                console.debug(method + ": " + url)
                    var content = res.text
                    try {
                        var obj = JSON.parse(content)
                    catch (ex) {
                        console.error("Could not parse JSON", ex)
                    console.debug("Success parsing JSON")
                    console.debug(("Fatal error in URL GET"))
                lastParamMap = paramMap






    You should print out the err to get more details on the problem:

    console.debug("Fatal error in URL GET: ", err)



    Miguel Amaro

    haha That sound like a good idea!
    New Error msg: Fatal error in URL GET ReferenceError: listingsRecieved is not defined.

    So, It seems like spelling might be an important part of programming..

    It works! Thank you Janne!

    So, listingsReceived() must be a builtin function.

    Item {
        property alias dispatcher:
        signal listingsReceived //Fixed! incorrectly spelled listingRecieved added the 's' and swapped the 'i' and 'e'
        Client {                                                              |
            id: client                                                        |
        }                                                                     |
    ...                                                                       |
    .....                                                                     |
    .......                                                                   |
     function responseCallback (obj){                                         |
                var response = obj.response                                   |
                var code = response.application_response_code                 |
                console.debug("Server returned app code: ", code)             |
                if (successCodes.indexOf(code) >= 0){                         |
                    //Location found                                          |
                    currentPage = parseInt(                     |
                    listings = listings.concat(response.listings)             |
                    numTotalListings = response.total_results || 0            | 
                    listingsReceived() //Same here, swapped the 'i' and 'e' <-|
                } else if (ambiguousCodes.indexOf(code) >= 0){
                    locations = response.locations
                } else if (code === "210") {
                    locations = []
                } else {
                    locations = []


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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