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    today I updated my Mac to iOS 10.9 and wanted to open and rebuild a project which worked perfectly fine yesterday. But now it got 39 build errors.

    Due to the fact that 3 of my friends also updated their iOS and they don’t have any issues I tried to delete all the v-play/qt-files and re-installed v-play completely fresh, which didn’t help at all. To rule out the possibility that the project is corrupted in any way, I created a new project and used one of your templates (box-template). Still not working.

    I can’t figure out, what the problem could be, cause it doesn’t seem to be the project itself, v-play or the iOS update.

    To save u some time asking which v-play version I’m using, and so on, as I said before, I just downloaded the most resent version from your homepage and installed all the recommended packages.

    Below you can find a link to a screenshot which shows most of the error:


    I hope u can help me.




    Felgo Team


    thanks for your detailed explanations, guess with iOS 10.9 you’re talking of Mac OS X 10.9? Could you please try to create a new Qt Quick Application (without Felgo components) within Qt Creator and tell us if this one compiles? Furthermore, which version of Xcode is installed on your system and what’s the output of

    xcode-select --print-path

    after pasting into a terminal windows?





    sry for that, ofc I meant Mac OS 10.9 😉

    You maybe found the problem. I just wanted to open Xcode, when an Xcode-update started. So after updating to 10.9 I didn’t download the new version of Xcode, which could be responsible for the errors.

    I’ll try to build a v-play project again, when Xcode is up-to-date and let you know afterwards. If the problem still occurs, I’ll try creating a new Qt Quick Application.



    Thx for your help. After the Xcode-update everything works perfectly fine! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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