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    test opty

    Hi all,


    I don’t know why that so-called cool feature t decrease our compile time is just wasting our time!
    For one time, I could connect my iPhone and Android tablet to Live server, and now I can connect neither.
    When I tap on connect on the table, the desktop shows the “new connection request” and when I hit “accept” nothing will be added to the list! I’ve repeated that for many many times.


    Also, my iPhone is on the list, but the problem with this is that, when I want to connect nothing changes and the green light on desktop won’t get turned on. So in effect, none of my devices is connected to live server and I can do nothing!
    Is there a real and proper solution for this?


    Felgo Team


    did you try the tips that are listed in the app, on the “Settings” screen?

    This sounds like your live server has the wrong network adapter set, which can be changed in the lower left corner of the live server application.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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