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    I’d like see Rectangle or other object which can be used as buttons, panels and dialogs with wide style support (rounded corners, gradients, borders, etc). Now i must use Images everywhere – even for simple rounded buttons

    Best regards,




    Hi again,

    From post…

    Alex suggested to write here…

    For many action games is required application state change signal. For example, when user plays game and it is disturbed by call or clicked phones menu button, application is stopped, but when it activates again it runs immediately. I need to show paused dialog or some “Resume” button and user can prepare and get ready to continue play.


    Best Regards



    Felgo Team

    Hi Raimonds,

    the problem with Rectangles in published games is, that its rendering performance is quite low because the draw calls cannot be batched, which is a massive performance killer on mobile devices. Thus we do not recommend to use Rectangles in published games but only during development.With images you have the option to pack them into a sprite sheet, and get the best performance out of it.

    Regarding the pause/resume request, this is already included and possible in Felgo, but it was not documented (yet) – which will be added in the next update, thanks for your hint!

    Cheers, Chris



    Hi there,

    We were quite excited to learn that you are planning to integrate the Qt5 rendering engine. Could you provide some details about the timeline and the features that will be available? Game-wise, some of the most interesting parts of Qt5 which would just be amazing in v-play are Shader Effects, Particle Effects, Canvas and Graphical Effects, see here. Which of these can we expect?

    Cheers, Martin




    Felgo Team

    Hi Martin,

    after our transition, all of the features available in Qt5.2 will also be available in Felgo! So Felgo is a library on top of Qt 5.2 fully compliant with all its QML components, which provides game components and native plugins relevant for monetization and player retention. Timeline-wise it is a bit too early to announce any release dates yet as we are still in the architectural phase what is required to switch to Qt 5.2 renderer. But I think around Q1 2014 is doable!

    Cheers, Chris



    sounds cool!


    cant wait!



    Hi Chris!


    I was told that USB gamepad (logitech, xbox360 etc) support for PC is not possible now and I can manually add that feature when C++ plugins will be made possible in the next major release, around Q1 2014.


    Shouldn’t this be already supported? Considering this is a game engine that creates games for Windows, Mac and Linux…? Some people prefer their games with a gamepad and it’s inability to support one may hinder interest in games created for those platforms.


    Please confirm if you plan to support this.




    Felgo Team


    as Alex from our team already stated in the other thread it’s correct that Felgo currently does not support USB gamepads except standard functionality simulated with mouse presses and movement. The reason is that Felgo’s focus is on mobile games for which we have a ton of other cool features we want to add at the moment.

    We however counted your vote and added the feature to our roadmap planning, depending on the requests of other Felgo community members we’ll probably see gamepad support directly integrated into Felgo or as an external plugin with our upcoming plugin API in 2014. 🙂





    It looks like Felgo currently supports Qt 4.8.1 and Qt Creator 2.4.1, resp., while the current versions are Qt 5.1.1 and Qt Creator 2.8, resp. Can Felgo be configured to work with more current versions of Qt and Qt Creator?

    On October 17, Christian indicated that “all of the features available in Qt5.2 will also be available in Felgo” and that “around Q1 2014 is doable.” Please provide status updates as they become available.



    Felgo Team

    Hi Steve,
    you can use latest Qt Creator with Felgo, and we have described how to do so here in our docs.

    The Qt version we are currently using is Qt 4.8.1, however, we are working to change the engine internals to Qt 5 so you can use all of the latest QML components with Felgo as well. This major update will be released early 2014. The Felgo gaming API will stay the same though, so for existing projects this change will be seamless, and you can start using Felgo with the current version today. 🙂




    Is support for asynchronous network communications (e.g., to support multiplayer games) on your roadmap? I am especially interested in WebSockets or, preferably, functionality that can be used by QML.



    I think a good GPS feature you be very useful ! This would push you up to the very best of game engines!



    Also how about enhanced Multiplayer support, I’am trying to make a game with a muliplayer option and this would be of the greatest use to me!


    Freedom Studios



    By enhanced I mean enabling thousands of players to play in the same place at the same time!



    There are some different considerations for multiplayer and massively multiplayer games, including performance and scalability. Having these on the Felgo roadmap would enhance Felgo’s usability and appeal IMHO.



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