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    Felgo SDK 1.5 comes with Qt Creator version 2.4.1 and Qt 4.8.1. The web page http://felgo.com/doc/vplay-installation.html shows how to use a more recent version of Qt Creator, such as version 2.8.1 (or 3.0.0?), with Felgo but it points to Qt 4.8.1 versions of qmake and mingw32-g++. Is there a way to use Qt 5.2.0 with Felgo 1.5? Will future versions of Felgo be “modularized” so it can use more recent Qt versions similar to how more recent versions of Qt Creator can be used?




    Felgo Team

    Hi Steve,

    Felgo is currently Qt 4.8.1 based. We have announced the Qt 5 transition for example here, and also in our social channels and the newsletter.

    However, you can already today use the latest Qt Creator version 3.0 with Felgo as described in the docs here.

    Cheers, Chris



    Chris,I’m aware that Felgo 1.5 can use versions of Qt Creator other than 2.4.1 and that Felgo 2.0 will support Qt 5.2.0. When Felgo 2.0 is released, can it be “reconfigured” to use newer versions of Qt as they are released, such as 5.2.1 or 5.3.0? I realize that there may be compatibility and other issues so this may be problematic.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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