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OverviewFelgo 2 Support (Qt 5) › Firebase photo upload, Google not recognizing it as an image

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    I’m using the Firebase plugin along with nativeUtils.displayImagePicker and nativeUtils.displayCameraPicker to upload images to the Firebase Storage via uploadFile. However, when I do this, Google doesn’t see the image as an image file but shows it as Type: “application/octet-stream”, whereas if I upload an image directly through the Firebase Console is sees it as Type: “image/jpeg”. I wouldn’t normally mind but I added the “Resize Images” extension to the console and it doesn’t see the images uploaded through Felgo as images and therefore doesn’t resize them (images I manually upload through the console are resized as expected).

    So, if there is a way to automatically resize images before uploading them, that would work well, otherwise, is there a way to get Google Firebase to recognize images as actual images? I’m using the code provided on this website.

        AppButton {
            text: "Add Photo from Gallery"
            flat: false
            onClicked: {
                nativeUtils.displayImagePicker("Pick Image")
        Connections {
            target: nativeUtils
            onCameraPickerFinished: {
                if(accepted) {
            onImagePickerFinished: {
                if (accepted) {
            function uploadImage(path) {
                var remote_path = "users/" + dataModel.user_id + "/test-image" + + ".jpg"
                fbStorage.uploadFile(path, remote_path,
                                     function (progress, finished, success, downloadUrl) {
                                         if (!finished) {
                                             status.text = "Uploading... " + progress.toFixed(2) + "%"
                                         } else if (success) {
                                             console.debug("downloadUrl: ", downloadUrl)
                                             status.text = "Upload complete"
                                             photoModel.append({p: path})
                                         } else {
                                             status.text = "Upload failed"

    Thank you,


    Felgo Team

    Hi Eric,

    thanks for this report. I’ll have to forward this to the plugin development team and hope to get an aswer for you shortly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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