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    Hello guys,

    im pretty new in all of this and im trying to run the flappy bird demo code published here.

    I am able to run the game on Pc and it runs pretty well but i just don’t get it how to create an .apk out of it in order to bring in on my phone.


    thanks in advance





    Thanks for the reply.


    But isn’t it possible to build an apk out of the editor? There is an option: Build but it’s grayed out.


    Felgo Team


    to save you the effort of installing native SDKs and compiling your game for every single target platform, we provide the build server instead, which let’s you even build iOS apps from Windows without needing a Mac.




    Hello me again,

    i tried to upload my archive to the webpage. everytime i try it it says: “Please upload a valid zip file”


    What am i doing wrong?




    Felgo Team


    did you put the files & folders inside the qml directory to your zip file? So not the whole qml folder, but only its contents.. And can you open your zip file from your PC?

    Cheers, Chris



    I have the same exact problem using my own graphics and audio in the flappybird project. I have also tried uploading the qml’s from demo games with the same error message. Yes, I make sure it’s just the folder contents being zipped, and yes I can open these files on my PC.





    Got it to work. Problem using Firefox. I suggest anyone with the same browser to try another. It worked for me with Chrome.



    Also if you are using winrar, make sure its a .zip and not .rar.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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