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    I’m having some trouble using onPushed() and onPopped() in a NavigationStack.  Here’s a sample of the code:

          NavigationStack {
            JobsPage { }
            onPushed: {
              console.log("push " + item);
              console.log("push.id " + item.id);
              console.log("push.name " + item.objectName);
            onPopped: {
              console.log("pop " + item);
              console.log("pop.id " + item.id);
              console.log("pop.name " + item.objectName);

    The output looks like the following:


    qml: push NavigationStack_QMLTYPE_62(0x60f0000b74c0, “_NavigationStack”)

    qml: push.id undefined

    qml: push.name _NavigationStack

    qml: pop NavigationStack_QMLTYPE_62(0x60f0000b74c0, “_NavigationStack”)

    qml: pop.id undefined

    qml: pop.name _NavigationStack


    How exactly am I suppose to recognize which page is pushed and popped?  I can’t seem to identify the pages by id or objectName.



    Felgo Team

    Hi Lorne,

    The NavigationStack::popped and pushed signals pass a page parameter, which holds the Page item that is popped or pushed to the stack.




    Yes I see the error now.  I was trying to access the variable name as item, instead of page.  It’s working now, thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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