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    Hi there.

    I am building an Android app starting from the Plugin App template provided by the Felgo. I created my license that includes HockeyApp plugin (by an Indie license)

    I signed in to HockeyApp web site. Created necessary version of my app. Application’s package name is correct. Version code is correct (=”1″).

    I got HockeyApp’s provided AppId and saved it to Constants.qml file just right to “hockeyAppAndroidAppid” key. (hockeyAppAndroidAppid: “…..”)

    Built my release and signed the app.

    Uploaded the signed apk to HockeyApp.

    I made sure apk is uninstalled in my phone.

    I both tried deploying the release/signed apk from QtCreator to my Android phone, as well as installing it by downloading from HockeyApp site.

    I forcefully crash my Android app. I reopen the crashed program. However, there is no crash report uploaded.

    My Felgo SDK is latest as of today.

    Need your help.



    Felgo Team


    Can you let us know how you crashed your app?


    Alex from Felgo



    I used “hockeyApp.forceCrash()” as illustrated in HockeyAppPage.qml example file.


    Felgo Team

    Unless HockeyApp::disableCrashManager is set to true, the plugin should send crash reports to hockey app.

    Which exact devices / os versions did you test the plugin with?

    Please also send a minimum example project with your HockeyApp integration code to support@felgo.com for further investigation.



    Felgo Team

    Hi Furkan,

    we’ve done some research and found the following information: The Doc states that only “Android SDK” crashes are collected by HockeyApp on Android, so Java crashes, but no native crashes. For native crash reporting, which covers NDK/C++ crashes, there’s an own early-access library: https://support.hockeyapp.net/kb/client-integration-android/hockeyapp-for-android-ndk-early-access

    As the used forceCrash method of the plugin is a native crash, it does not show up for HockeyApp on Android. An integration of the ndk-hockeyapp library would be possible for us by extending the hockey-app plugin.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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