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OverviewFelgo 3 Support (Qt 5) › How to make a draggable Android BottomSheet-like component?

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    Trying to implement it for a loong time.

    I`m using now a Drawer with edge: Qt.BottomEdge at the top of app.

    It works absolutely fine, except one problem: when I have something flickable insideĀ  – Drawer behaviour is undefined and depends of device and “user`s fingers”

    As workaround I`m using a signal from inner flickable when its on top, to make Drawer interactive or not. But its also not as fluid as in other apps, and sometimes I can drag nothing, and only after some tries it alives.

    I thought AppModal can be used for this, its easier to use than Drawer, but its not draggable…

    <li>Can I make AppModal draggable, with inner flicker component (AppListView, FlickablePage, etc.). When flickable is dragged to top, the AppModel should become a draggable component, to easily hide AppModal down.</li>
    <li>How can I make it with Drawer? If it`s easier than with AppModal.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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