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    Felgo User

    I want to make a tile-based game similar to Pokémon. Its characteristic is to have a map made of tiles. My question is how to make such a map? Can felgo be achieved?


    Felgo Team



    You can use the Felgo Level Editor to create tiled maps, and even allow your players to make their own levels if you’d like.


    Felgo User

    Thanks for your answer, I finally chose Tiled(a tile based map editor).But I encountered some problems while using it, can you help me? I guess it’s because Felgo has done some work that I don’t know about and is different from the official qt. When I use this dynamic library in qt, it can run perfectly, but when I port the same code to the Felgo project, it will end abnormally at runtime. After investigation, I found that a local variable was declared in a member function of a class that had never been used, and it was this declaration that caused the program to end abnormally. But the same code is no problem in the official qt. I like felgo very much, and hope this project can be written in felgo instead of pure qt. But this problem bothered me. Hope you can help me.





    I’m glad you chose Felgo for your game. Could you provide a minimal sample that shows the naming collision you’re referring to?


    This way we can understand which components are clashing.





    Felgo User

    <!–StartFragment –>
    <div>I first created a project on the official qt, in the project there is a MapPainter class I wrote to display the map. In this class, there is a viewMap() function to display the map. The project is running normally, but I created an empty Felgo project. Nothing has been changed in this project. Only the files of this class are added to the project and it cannot be run. I have followed the tutorial to change the live client. Here are some key codes:</div>
    <div>Error on line :</div>

    MapReader reader;
    bool MapViewer::viewMap(const QString &fileName, QPainter *painter){
        MapReader reader; // This is the error reported by this statement
        return true;

    I did not show the irrelevant code, only the key code.MapReader is a class defined in the dynamic library.(After testing, I found that many classes in libraries cannot declare objects)

    I added 3 sentences in the pro file:

    INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/source/
    LIBS += -LD:/IM/Felgo/CppAndQml/CppAndQml/lib/
    LIBS += -ltiled




    Felgo User

    I have found the reason now, because this library was compiled through official qt, so there is no way to use it in Felgo projects. I opened it with Felgo’s creator and recompiled it, and now the library can be used in Felgo. I can finally unload the writing game happily



    I’m very glad you managed to fix the issue and thanks for updating us on the progress.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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