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    This has definitely been a weird one…


    I have finally managed to use the package manager.

    1. copying the user repo details into a temporary repo,

    2. selecting ‘use temporary only’.

    At which point, V-play appeared in the packages list.


    One or two points of interest in the –verbose logs.

    “Unable to open translated license file. Using untranslated fallback.”

    “Network error while downloading target ‘C:/Users/ross/AppData/Local/Temp/qt_temp.bb0952’. Error: Connection closed.”

    No idea what they mean, but other than those there seemed to be nothing meaningful.


    Unfortunately, I closed the log window after that, and now that v-play is installed it is harder to test installing again.

    Anyway, I hope that helps you identify the problem.


    FYI: nothing appeared in the logs when I simply clicked test with the user or temp repos selected.



    Ross Illingworth


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    One last question.. or two..



    On the web-site install page, there is a (OSx) image of the package manager, showing packages for Felgo plugins.

    Should I have had those available in the packages list? (Admob, facebook etc)



    On my windows machine, I currently have no option to add iOS as a kit,

    is there anything I can do about this?

    Or how do I target iOS from windows?



    I noticed there is no build server for version 2 yet, any idea when that will be operational?


    Thanks again for helping


    Ross Illingworth



    Felgo Team

    Hi Ross,

    good to hear you managed to fix the installation issues, we’ll have a closer look what might went wrong there..

    Now to your other questions..

    1.) Felgo Plugins Installation

    For using the Felgo Plugins, you need to enter another repository, see the Felgo Plugin Installation Guide for more details.

    2. & 3.) iOS on Windows & Felgo Build Server

    You need a Mac for iOS development. We try to make Felgo Build Server available as soon as possible to allow that! There will be limitations though, that you can only use QML & JavaScript code and no C++ code initially.

    Cheers, Chris



    Unable to install Felgo on Mac Mini, fails almost immediately with the following error:

    Network error while downloading ‘’: SSL handshake failed.


    I’ve already installed xcode (and for that matter I’ve already installed v-play on a PC and begun work) but the mac install is a non starter…



    Felgo Team


    we’ve just fixed the issue. Updating should now work again on Mac, if you still experience any problems please let us know.

    Cheers, Chris




    I have Windows 7 x64, installed Felgo just now, with Qt 5.5 and MinGW 4.9.2 (32 bit) and MinGW 4.9.1 (32 bit) OpenGL.

    No spaces in path (actually it’s C:\FelgoSDK).

    When I am trying to create a new empty project, I get message “No valid kits found” on kit selection staqe. But if I open any example project (e.g. “”), it compiles and runs successfully.

    All versions of MinGW are listed in “Kits” in “Options” of Qt.

    Appreciate your help.

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    Felgo Team


    Thanks for reporting the issue. That one happened after the Qt Creator 3.5 update, we just pushed a small update which fixes that again. Could you please start the SDK Maintenance Tool from your installation directory and check for updates?

    Please let us know if that fixes the issue!





    Hi! I have deleted standalone version of Felgo, and installed Felgo through Maintance Tool of Qt, which I have installed earlier.

    And this variant is working now.

    Thanks for your support!



    I have installed the newest sdk with my username and password but I don’t get an option to install the plugins.



    Felgo Team

    Hi BikeMadBrit!

    To be able to select and install plugins, it is necessary to manually add the plugin repository to the installer.
    See here for a guide how to install plugins:
    Plugin Installation
    To integrate plugins to your game, please follow the steps in the documentation page for the plugin on


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    Hi,‘ is bound to fail, since that directory doesn’t exist on our server 😉 however is perfectly right.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce the error.

    This may sound obvious, but are you sure that you didn’t accidentally insert the URL into the “password” or “username” field when adding the repository? This happened to me a few times in the past. This image should clarify what I mean: (forgive me my awesome image editing skills ;))





    Some components (such as examples.7z and Sample Launcher) are not necessary but I can not tick off.

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    Felgo Team

    These resources are highly relevant for learning Felgo and to speed up development time (as you can use them as starting point for your projects, and can copy parts of the source code). Thus these packages are required.

    Cheers, Chris



    I can’t start a project because of the problem same with kmz8160.

    ” When I am trying to create a new empty project, I get message “No valid kits found” on kit selection staqe. But if I open any example project (e.g. “”), it compiles and runs successfully. ”

    I deleted Vplay engine from SDKMaintenanceTool then reinstalled it. Now the problem still continues.

    however when I try to update only vplay, windows gives error : SDKMaintenanceTool.exe has stopped working

    now I update the all things in update settings in SDKMaintenanceTool. Hope it works.

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