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    I need functionality significantly more robust than the built-in “Math” functions. Specifically (at this moment, at least) I need matrix math functionality. There are packages I used to use for website design but I don’t know if I’m able to import them into my Felgo project, such as from What are your recommendations for this?

    Thank you,


    Ginzo Milani

    You can use inline js with QML


    Felgo User

    I appreciate the reply but maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

    I can call functions such as Math.random() or Math.sinh(). However, the built-in “Math” library is very limited ( I need substantially more advanced functionality such as advanced linear algebra functions, matrix manipulation, statistics, etc. I REALLY don’t want to rewrite all the functions I need. There are a couple good open-source libraries out there that I would use if I were building a website as I could easily import them. However, I can’t seem to get import to work for these .js libraries. I can import my own .js libraries but these external ones are built a bit differently and don’t import normally, even if I download the .js file and place it in the same folder as my own .js files.

    I’d love to be able to use if at all possible, I just need to know how.

    Thank you,


    Ginzo Milani

    The js used isn’t the same as web js IIRC, you’d have to import the functions over or you can try a C++ library with better success


    Felgo Team

    Hi Eric,

    we did integrations of different C++, native iOS/Android and also JS libraries for client projects in the past. JS libraries are a bit tricky, but some JS libraries (not all) are compatible and runnable with QML as well. Of course, a C++ library is also an option. We can support you with integration of a library as part of our tech support offering or with the included tech support of Felgo Indie or Enterprise.

    Let me know in case this is interesting for you!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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