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    Hello Felgo team,

    With every new release of Qt, and the update of Felgo which includes that one, we can expect potentially few issues here and there.
    The case is those issues are not related to Felgo itself but often it is pure Qt problem.
    Unfortunately I have impression that with every Felgo engine update, which included Qt major version jump, it is not always possible to build/deploy apps using older Felgo version(with older Qt version).
    So what I started to do is always to keep at least two separate installs of Felgo.
    One which I know works, and second where I can update to newest version of Felgo.

    Is that sane?
    How would you recommend to behave in order to keep one working version of Felgo in case there are game/app breaking issues with newest version(mostly Qt related)?

    Bottom line, with every new Qt version I see post on the forum talking about new Qt related issues, what to do to avoid it?

    Risky situation is when you are almost to distribute newest version of your app, you update Felgo engine and there is one issue which breaks your app and stops you from releasing for days if not weeks.

    Is the only option newer update to newest versions if you are to release something?



    One small thing to add.
    I know people want always the newest and finest.
    I know this is a tough balance to keep.
    But, since I am in software development for around 10 years, I learnt NEVER go with finest and coolest with your important apps.
    Always update to at least version with first set of patches.
    Never update to major version which ends with zero.
    But that is just my approach with regards to crucial apps, not everyone needs to agree.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin!

    You’re absolutely right, the introduction of new issues can’t be avoided with major updates like new Qt versions, which in turn also affects Felgo then.

    Generally it is still best practice to always go with the newest version, as big Qt issues will surely get a fix quite soon, and the new version also includes new features and bug-fixes for existing issues, which is nice.

    So we always try to switch to new Qt versions very soon for Felgo. The good thing is, that Felgo mainly extends Qt, which is why Felgo is also downwards-compatible with older Qt versions, unless we already use some features that weren’t part of the old version.

    This means, that even if you don’t maintain a second Felgo installation, in most cases it’s possible to use the latest Felgo version and features with an older Qt version in case something important gets broken for you. You can also contact us then, so we also learn of the issue, can have a look how to fix it and provide instructions for you.

    Of course, if you already know that a release is coming up soon and you are happy with how the app works at the moment, it is totally understandable to keep the current version, do the release and update Felgo afterwards then. In the end, tool maintenance and when to install updates is up to you as developer, as we can give no guarantee that a new Qt and Felgo version is 100% perfect and without issues for all different projects of Felgo Users.

    Hope this answers your question?




    Hello Günther,

    Thank you for answer, I think it makes sense.
    Like you said, you decided to go with newer versions of Qt because it is worth it, in most cases.
    Definitely will not upgrade if my app works and I am at release almost 🙂

    There is not much to add in this subject, just use common sense.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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