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    Here there I am seeing this:

    When I run the following code:

    import VPlay 1.0
    import QtQuick 1.1
    import Box2D 1.0
    GameWindow {
        EntityManager {
            entityContainer: scene
        Rectangle {
             anchors.fill: parent
             color: "black"
        Scene {
                gravity.y: -9.81
                z: 10
                updatesPerSecondForPhysics: 60
                velocityIterations: 5
                positionIterations: 5
            EntityBase {
                entityId: "box1"
                entityType: "box"
                Image {
                    id: boxImage
                    source: "img/box.PNG"
                    width: 32
                    height: 32
                    anchors.fill: boxImage
        EntityBase {
                 entityId: "ground1"
                 entityType: "ground"
                 height: 20
                 anchors {
                     bottom: scene.bottom
                     left: scene.left
                     right: scene.right
                 Rectangle {
                     anchors.fill: parent
                     color: "blue"
                 BoxCollider {
                     anchors.fill: parent
                     bodyType: Body.Static // the body shouldn't move


    I am pretty sure that the blue rectangle should be at the bottom but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

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    Felgo Team

    Hi Stan,

    that was a tricky one – took me a while to figure it out. 😉

    You have placed your ground entity not within the Scene. Just move it as child of Scene and it should work fine.

    Cheers, Chris



    Aha! Thanks for the feedback Chris. Got it working.


    Felgo Team

    That’s great to hear Stan!

    Cheers, Chris

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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