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    Hello Felgo,

    I played a little with VPlay live reloading and, unfortunately, not everything works as expected 🙂
    I tried the simple examples, like the demos created by Felgo and, all works fine.
    After I click save it reloads content on connected applications.

    Unfortunately when I try to do the same with my game, which uses tons of plug-ins etc together, got some issues.
    1. When I start the game first time, all devices connect and start my game, no issues there.
    2. The moment I click save on any game file and live server tries to reload app on connected devices, the Vplay app crashes.
    Getting standard Google Play popup “app crashes, reload or close” etc.

    I know that, like in many cases, it can be combination of few things together which I use in my game.
    Currently don’t have too much time to test it yet and try, bit by bit, to find out which combination crashes the app.
    The only thing obvious I saw for now was the fact that my custom fonts weren’t loaded on connected devices(error about can’t find/load font).

    When I find some more time will try to debug it more, but for now, any hints what to look for to help narrow the issue?

    PS. Mint 18.2, 64 bit, tested 2 Android devices with 7.0 and 7.1. Maybe will update the results when get some time to test iPhone device.
    Update for iPhone version – works perfectly!
    It’s really weird when my app start normally a while but with this solution it takes seconds, without restarting my app, all changes are there, nice.
    Bottom line, looks like only Android version of the app crashes.
    For sure I don’t have all plugins enabled on iPhone devices so that can make a difference.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin,

    thank you for the report. Can you give us a list of Felgo Plugins that you are using on those platforms? We are currently doing some closer investigation and documentation of scenarios that might cause troubles. Great that you tested it on iOS as well, so we can rule out a general issue here and focus on finding the cause on Android.




    Hi Alex,
    So, because I am being bored sometimes, I think I narrowed the issue, at least this one, there can be more, don’t know.

    Steps to replicate.
    1. New project -> Felgo Games -> first template(Empty project) -> no plugins
    2. Add  Store QML element, for example:

    import Felgo 3.0
    import QtQuick 2.0
    import Felgo 3.0
    GameWindow {
        id: gameWindow
        screenWidth: 960
        screenHeight: 640
        Store { }

    The first time it works.
    Save a file, on reload, app crashes on Android.
    Without Store you can save and app will be reloaded no problem.
    Hope you can replicate it.



    One more thing.
    Could you please check if font loading is working for you?
    Use FontLoader and check if it’s going to be deployed(custom font).
    But maybe this is something wrong on my setup but works perfectly fine when deployed with standard “cable” method.
    Didn’t work for me on either Android or iOS.


    Felgo Team

    Hey Marcin,

    looks like sometimes being bored can be useful 🙂


    I can replicate the issue with the Store on Android Live Client. We will push an update for the Android app as soon as possible, as a crash with a commonly used plugin is very inconvenient.

    Regarding the font loader, are you getting any error in the log output in the Live Server, that would hint towards a font issue? I can confirm possible issues with *.otf format at the moment, while *.ttf is working.




    Hi Alex,
    The truth is didn’t expect any response till Monday, so nice.
    It was much faster though to find the issue thanks to live server.

    The font I use is *otf, so that can be the issue.
    So the font issue happens only on live server?
    What I get is: QML FontLoader: Cannot load font: ‘path to font.otf’

    Btw, one more bit. What about hockey app, is it included on the live server?
    I get: Warning: Plugin “VPlay.plugins.hockeyapp” disabled: Native frameworks not found


    Felgo Team


    Hi Alex,

    Ah, you’re right, forgot about the graphics(hockey app support).
    The truth is hockey app is so specific that it makes sense live is not supported.

    Thank you for all the help.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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