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    On a Mac laptop, I’m having trouble with the underlines disappearing from AppTextFields when testing with Android theming. This makes the text field unrecognizable as a text field. I suspect it’s related to the height of the underline rectangle getting rounded to zero, but I’m not sure. It flickers when scrolling, and sometimes disappears entirely depending on the dimensions of the window and positioning of the field.

    I can get screenshots, but I’m not sure if I can add them to this post…

    Other issues:

    • The underline is missing entirely (focused or not) on AppTextEdit, making them unrecognizeable
    • AppText font size does not match that of text in AppTextEdit and AppTextField by default (makes forms look bad)
    • AppTextEdits with placeholder text and a default height of more than one line do not align the placeholder text to the top


    Since it may be relevant to this issue, here’s the preamble CLI output Felgo prints at app startup:

    Screen infos: devicePixelRatio: 1 "cocoa" "VotingApp" Qt::LayoutDirection(LeftToRight)
    VPlayApplication: read Screen infos - size: QSize(1280, 800) , availableSize: QSize(1280, 726) QRect(0,23 1280x726) QSize(1280, 726) QRect(0,23 1280x726) QRect(0,0 1280x800) physcislDotsPerInch (might not be accurate): 114 , logicalDotsPerInch: 72 , physicalSize [mm] (might not be accurate depending on platform): QSizeF(285.193, 178.246)
    setting extrafileSelectorList to ("hd", "sd") , allFileSelectors: ("hd", "sd", "en_US", "unix", "darwin", "mac", "osx")
    setting internalContentScaleFactorForImages which is used for MultiResolutionImage contextProperty to 0.5
    VPlayApplication: setting screenDpi contextProperty to 114
    VPlayApplication: setting devicePixelRatio contextProperty to 1
    VPlayApplication: setMainQmlFileName called for qmlFileName "qrc:/qml/main.qml" , used file: "qrc:/qml/main.qml"



    Felgo Team

    Hi Nathan!

    Thanks for reporting these issues, we will have a look!
    Concerning the AppTextEdit: Like TextInput, the TextEdit component is not supposed to have a field around the input area.
    Similar to TextField, a special TextArea control exists for that. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a custom Felgo TextArea control with platform styles yet.

    Before adding new controls, we are also currently investigating the new Qt Labs Controls as a base for our new controls, which looks quite promising.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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