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    Hi & sorry for the noob question but i don’t understand how the multiplayers works.

    I aim to build a multiplayer card game that will need to be somehow connected to a website in which users accumulate points they will be able to play in the game – they’ll download the game from the site to install it & from there they shall click links on the site to open/join a game/room/lobby (some mycardgame:// links  with some parameters to id them, the game etc they join – and with the open links in app rule added on browsers  by the client install).


    i could be wrong cause i’m a noob with qt but I’m pretty confident all this is possible with qt but what about  with v-play ?… Could you confirm


    • is there a need of a server to manage the multiplayer or can it p2p/decentralised ?
    • if server needed can I host it myself or do I have to go through v-play servers ?
    • if vplay server do you provide api/tools (for example to add the points the user will have on the website to his vplay server account & reciprocally, game details stats…) ? & then i guess you’re charging something for the server ?
    • what about the card dealing ? done from the client only (the master of the game created ? i guess  i can implement a rotation ? but would it be secure from a smart guy (can he  find how to change the dealing part in his instance to get all the good cards when his client is dealing) ?
    • what about playing mulitple games at the same time (on desktop at least) ? any limitation here ?

    thx in advance to help me see more clearly whether vplay is the right path in my case


    Felgo Team

    Hi Mik,

    Felgo extends Qt with components to make mobile app and game development easier. All features of Qt are usable together with Felgo!

    When developing multiplayer games with Felgo, you can take advantage of the Felgo Game Network and Felgo Multiplayer services. The cloud-based game network provides e.g. user authentication & accounts, leaderboards, achievements, …

    Felgo Multiplayer uses the Photon Service, which acts the multiplayer server backend. So when using the above solutions by Felgo, you don’t require to host your own backend for your game. Using these services of course only optional, you can also integrate Felgo with other solutions if you prefer.

    For a fully functional card game, you can have a look at full source code of the One Card demo.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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