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    I am trying to implement full realtime updates on my app,

    I am able to set a realtimeValueKey, with my firebase database, but am looking to add more to the list?

    I have tried several different attempts but they either return the last key in the list, or none at all?


    If I were to do:


        readonly property string dbKeyAllCalendarItems: "groups" + "/" + groupName + "/" + subGroupName
        readonly property string dbKeyAllUsers: "groups" + "/" + groupName + "/" + "users"
            realtimeValueKeys: [dbKeyAllCalendarItems]
            realtimeValueKeys: [dbKeyAllCalendarItems] && [dbKeyAllUsers]
    realtimeValueKeys: [dbKeyAllCalendarItems] || [dbKeyAllUsers]
    realtimeValueKeys: { [dbKeyAllCalendarItems]; [dbKeyAllUsers] }

    Amongst other attempts, none work!?!


    I need to receive updates for specified keys, which I have working for one key, but want to add If() {…} else if{…} else if {…} for multiple keys,


    What would fix this? How do I add multiple realtimeValueKeys to the list for updates on each of them?




    Felgo Team

    Hi Edward,

    you should use the regular QML / JavaScript way of setting a string list:

    realtimeValueKeys: ["public/testValue", "public/testValue2"]




    Only once the value is fetched if we use multiple keys at runtime.!!!

    After once getValue() is not working.??

    realtimeValueKeys: ["public/testValue","public/testJSON","public/usersIDs","public/news"]



    Felgo Team
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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