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    Hi Felgo,

    Was playing a little with parallax background and observed some behavior which I want to confirm.
    Probably this is not a bug just there was no need to do anything more.

    The story:
    1. Set parallax background imageSource to image 500×500

    2. Parallax internal image property is set and width and height as well are calculated.

    3. Change dynamically imageSource to image 300×300

    4. Result: image is replaced but width/height and internal image property alias still keep old value of the first image source.
    5. What that means is that the new image is not properly anchored/positioned in the background. It behaves like it’s dimensions were of original image.

    Is this expected behavior?


    Felgo Team


    you just found a bug in the MultiResolutionImage component (used inside the ParallaxScrollingBackground), if switching to a different sized image at runtime. That’s a free beer on the house!

    We’ll investigate this closer right away, thanks for reporting!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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