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    Hi Felgo,

    Since there was a conversation about more visible road map, maybe there are more things you can make more visible?
    I know, from customers point of view, public bug tracker would be great.
    I understand that from your point of view, it is definitely more work for maintenance.

    Why I would like to have a public bug tracker?
    There are bugs which were reported by users, some of them are more critically than others(obviously).
    The problem here is, until we ask on this forum, we are not sure currently when we can expect to get specific fixes.
    Especially the more critical bits.
    Probably there is internal bug tracker at Felgo but transparency here is sometimes lacking.

    Any ideas/suggestions/feedback from Felgo team for having some kind of public bug tracker for bugs reported by users?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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