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    Hi again,

    I’m setting up my game project, including the LevelEditor. What I want to accomplish is the following:

    – I want to load a level

    – Then be able to play it and/or edit it

    – If edited, I want to save the level, so next time the game starts I see the changes


    From what I understand, levels can be designed either in QML or get loaded from JSON. As I understand it, the LevelEditor only supports saving levels in JSON, so I should be using JSON for my scenario. By doing so, I’ve been able to accomplish the first two steps of what I want. But now I have a problem saving the level I loaded from JSON, because when I do so I get this error:

    <!–StartFragment–>ERROR: LevelEditorLogic: no LevelBase loaded – either no LevelLoader defined or the loaded level was not derived from LevelBase as it has no levelData property!?<!–EndFragment–>

    So now my question: how do I define a LevelBase in such a way it can be recognized by the LevelEditor for the level loaded from JSON, as I think the LevelBase is only used with QML levels? Am I overlooking something?





    Ah, nevermind. I was just forgetting the call to┬álevelEditor.exportLevelAsFile() which was why my level didn’t get saved. I still get the error mentioned above, but apparently it’s causing any serious harm.


    I still think it’s slightly cumbersome that exports always go to the Documents folder, but nothing a symlink can’t fix ­čÖé




    Felgo Team

    Hey there,

    nice that you could figure it out by yourself ­čÖé

    If you run into any other problems, feel free to ask.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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