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    Alberto Blanque


    I have a Page element that suffers from skipped frames when I use .pop() method on the main NavigationStack. This happens when animation bottom-to-top is being executed. This Page has heavy elements like two ChartView from qtcharts library with lots of points each. Should I manually destroy elements on that Page before calling pop()? I noticed lightweight Page elements do not suffer from this issue. Any advice on this?

    Thank you


    Felgo Team


    first of all, does the performance also suffer in release mode on your target platform, e.g. a mobile device?

    Destroying such heavy components might also take some frames, instead you could try to hide them by setting visible to false for the charts, then they will not be rendered. If this helps, you could improve the UI/UX by displaying some form of placeholder for the charts instead, while the transition is running.



    Alberto Blanque

    Hi Alex, thanks for your quick response, really appreciate

    Actually it is on release mode, on a mobile device when this behaviour is more evident.

    Tried to set these elements with visible and enabled to false inside onPopped signal handler. When the popped animation starts, I can see the elements are already not visible anymore, and it does improve a lot the transition, but skipped frames are still noticeable. Tried with full deployment with qml files embedded in binary file, but this makes no difference. Any other ideas?



    Hi Alberto,
    Not sure how helpful can it be but did you try to profile it?
    Maybe you could see some weird bottleneck which is not that visible or obvious.
    Profiling can be tricky on Android device, but if the issues exists on Desktop, maybe you can find something useful.


    Alberto Blanque

    Thanks for your response Marcin, I did profiling but couldn’t find anything.

    Turns out to be height property of ChartView binding to App.height, removed this binding and skipped frames problem got away!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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