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OverviewFelgo 2 Support (Qt 5) › Social View or Game Network View Customization

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    <div dir=”auto”>Regarding the social view I have two questions.</div>
    <div dir=”auto”>First, for the facebook part, you need the facebook plugin, right?</div>
    <div dir=”auto”>Second, how can I customize the view?, cause, at least for the gamenetworkview I saw in the docs that in the gamenetwork example, you can see how to customize it, but I can’t understand how, even after looking at the example, and I also saw in the docs a picture of a customized leaderboard, but I don’t see it anywhere in the examples, can I have a look at a piece of code showing a customized view?</div>
    <div dir=”auto”></div>
    <div dir=”auto”>Thanks in advance</div>


    Felgo Team

    Hi Rodrigo!

    Yes, the Facebook Plugin is required to use Facebook Features of the game network and views.

    Regarding Customization: The SocialView offers easier customization and a better app-based look. A completely full customization for GameNetworkView (or SocialView) as mentioned in the docs is only available with the full QML source code of the views.

    Both the Facebook Plugin and full source code of the views are available with the Felgo Pro plans. Just send us an email after the upgrade and we’ll send you a download link for the SocialView or GameNetworkView source code.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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