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    Hello everyone,

    With my team, we wanted to create a game and after some researches, it seems that Felgo is the good engine for our needs. So, I started since one week now to learn the documentation and try examples and dummy projects. I wanted to learn a little bit the software before using it for creating our new project and now, after some days, I have some questions for you.
    It’s obvious that I don’t read everything so if the answer is already done in the documentation or in this forum don’t hesitate to answer me only with a link. Now, lets go ^^ :


    Is there a way (a shortcode maybe) to pass from portrait to landscape mode for each device on the live client ? The only way to do that that I found is to resize the window, and the ctrl + 1, crtl + 2 etc…

    When I change the live client window size, the displaying image is always the +hd2 one. Is that normal ? Is it because the live client detect the screen size and not the window size ? In this case how can I verify if my image are well displaying according to the screen size ?
    By the way, even if I remove the file inside the folder +hd2, the client continue to show it, even if I restart it. Is it because of a cache ? Can I remove it ?

    Background image of my game are already done. And they are design to fit a 16:9 screen. So, should I put height: 270; width: 480 on my Scene ?

    In that tutorial : howto-multi-scene-multi-level, It is written:
    – “We won’t need the functionality of the EntityManager in this tutorial, but you will most likely need it in a real game, so adding the EntityManager won’t hurt nobody.”
    I’ve looked at the documentation of EntityManager, but didn’t find why is it needed in a real game ? Is it like Prefabs on Unity ? For me it just looks like an object not created in a file, but I suppose I’m wrong.

    In the same tutorial, the menu is display on a scene. Can I display it out of it ? Because I would like that my menu do not display the same things on pc or phones, with Navigation bar and this kind of stuff.

    Can I change Theme component on a Game ? Or is it supposed that everything should be images in a game and so, display the same on each device ? (I don’t need this last question, it’s just because I’m a bit curious about it)

    Thanks for your help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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