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    I have read V-play docs and some Google Play In-App purchase and a have a few questions

    1. From Google Play docs: “Once a managed product is purchased, it is considered to be “owned”. Managed products in the “owned” state cannot be purchased from Google Play” I can’t see any “consumePurchase” in Soomla docs, so what is the relation between Soomla and Google. I mean I have created manageable product in Google Play Console which I intend to use as CurrencyPack (10 credits) which should be bought frequently by the user when “credits” which I manage internally runs out. I would preffer to manage these “credits” myself because my app holds user data in external sql database.
    2. Products defined in Google store have some prices set. Also when I define currencyPack or goods there is purchaseType: StorePurchase with price property. What is the relation between these values and which one user will actually be charged ?
    3. There is a property marketPrice in StorePurchase, docs says that this is downloaded from App Store but I can change it. So, can I change this when app is running. Like in the scenario when I have product defined in App Store myapp.food_delivery.payment and before I call buyItem(itemId) I set price 39.95 for pizza and 29.99 for a pasta ?
    4. I’m developing this app for a customer so he probably would like the money to be transfered into his account (from Google), not to mine. Is this doable or does he needs to create Google Play Developer account and publish the app himself (same with Apple App Store? )

    Best Regards




    Hi Marek,
    Interesting questions, maybe will have something to add here as well.
    1. Products which you can buy multiple time.
    Don’t remember anything about this in the Google Play docs, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
    Looks like, magically, Soomla knows based on the store product type, if the transaction is one time purchase(lifetime) or not.
    Have no idea how it is internally connected with Google Play.

    2. Prices
    Last time I tried to buy something at different prices than price specified on Google side I got an error.
    Does it work for you when you try to buy something with different price than registered in Google?

    3. Changing price
    My impression is it is by design that you can’t change it.
    Changing price would basically mean a different product so would confuse customer.
    Can be wrong here.
    I know some apps dynamically change price per customer, but maybe all those possibilities are registered on provider side as well?

    4. I remember I read something about special accesses for the payments part of Google.
    As far as I know Google doesn’t really care(doesn’t verify it, I think) who is the owner of the account where the money will be transferred.
    Of course there can be later problems with invoices and correct track of payments from tax liabilities point of view.
    Apart from the payment question here, I personally would be very careful to distribute my client app on my account.
    There can be some tricky edges with who owns what, and who has which rights.
    Hopefully, your contract with client will clarify everything as well.
    As for Apple, sorry can’t help here yet.



    Hi Marcin,

    It seems that there are limitation to the In-App Purchase that I wasn’t aware of.

    1. About consumePurchase It’s here Consuming In-app Products
    2. Haven’t tried this yet
    3. From soomla docs marketPrice : real “This also allows to change the pricing or description text of a product without updating the app.” but I’m not sure how to understand this
    4. This is not an option for me because then my Google Play account is linked to bank account which is not mine, what if I need to upload second app with In-App Purchase functionality ?

    Looks like I need a different way to process payments and credit cards if I need more flexibility with prices.

    Best Regards




    Felgo Team



    • The Soomla plugin already supports a virtual currency system, with e.g. credits that are not handled by Google. You can have a look at our OneCard demo how the Soomla StorePurchase and VirtualPurchase are used (e.g. in-game tokens are required to play and can be bought in packs from the store).
      When having a virtual currency, you can also reward players with such virtual coins or your virtual goods, without the need to go through a Google Purchase. You can also change prices of your virtual goods for certain users, as they only reduce the amount of currency the user has in-app.
    • There different forms of store products available by Google, Apple, etc.. which are only partly usable or supported by Soomla. (e.g. Soomla does not support a subscription-based pricing model). You can create your “In-app Products” for Google according to the StorePurchase items defined at your soomla Store in your QML code.Choose “managed” product as the type for your goods. “Managed” products can only be bought once, and only be bought again if they are consumed. For goods like CurrencyPack or SingleUseGood, which we typically want to be able to buy them multiple times, the Soomla plugin immediately consumes the good and remembers the total amount locally.
    • The price and payment of your actual store products is usually handled by Google. Google also covers different currencies and prices per country, so your users actually pay the price they are used to when e.g. purchasing a 1$ pack, 5$ pack, etc …
      Not 100% sure what other solutions are possible at the moment or if the price is e.g. changeable at runtime by Soomla, but I recommend to go with the default setup of prices managed by Google. This allows a customer experience that matches other apps with purchases of similar value.
    • If you are publishing apps for customers, which should be the app owners and receive payments, I suggest to create a Developer Account for each customer. He can then manage the account and app by himself or you can do it for him. You then also have a clean separation of apps in case you are doing apps for different customers.

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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