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OverviewFelgo 2 Support (Qt 5) › Spine animations will not display / problem with tool ?

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    A few months ago I made a topic to put some on lights on a “bug” I encountered :

    I had no answer so maybe I was not very clear about my problem. I think that the tool used to convert a .json to a .qml might be broken. It may be due to the new Spine’s way to manage skins, because everytime I export a .qml that way, my section “skin” stays empty, like that :


    property Item skins: Item {
    visible: false


    While, when I open the goblin example file, it goes like this :


    property Item skins: Item {
    	visible: false
    	states: [
    	State {
    		name: "DEFAULT"
    	PropertyChanges { target: defaultLeftHandItemDagger; parent: daggerAttachment }
    	PropertyChanges { target: defaultLeftHandItemSpear; parent: spearAttachment }
    	PropertyChanges { target: defaultRightHandItemDagger; parent: daggerAttachment }
    	PropertyChanges { target: defaultRightHandItem2Shield; parent: shieldAttachment }
    	State {
    		name: "GOBLIN"
    	PropertyChanges { target: goblinEyesEyesClosed; parent: eyesClosedAttachment }
    	... (more code)
    	PropertyChanges { target: goblinUndiesUndies; parent: undiesAttachment }
    	State {
    		name: "GOBLINGIRL"
    	PropertyChanges { target: goblingirlEyesEyesClosed; parent: eyesClosedAttachment }
    	... (more code)
    	PropertyChanges { target: goblingirlUndiesUndies; parent: undiesAttachment }


    In the example, there’s then 3 items to describe I don’t know exactly what, maybe to “link” each .png to the accurate slot.
    I tried to do it manually but it was not easy at all and it did not worked.

    The result is that nothing shows up in my game, not even a static picture.
    Could you please confirm that the tool is actually broken ? (and maybe will be fixed soon ?)

    I spent a lot of time on my Felgo code and would not like to give it up, but it’s been months now and I really would like to go further in my project 🙁


    Thank you very much !


    Best regards,




    Ginzo Milani
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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