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    Hi, it’s not directly a v-Play question, but I hope someone can find an answer to my problem.


    I’m working on a top down PVP shooter for a tablet. Each player navigates a tank by wiping over a small controller (MultiPointTouchArea). 2 big MultiPointTouchAreas split the screen in halves. By tapping outside of the controller within their half of the screen, they can place it somewhere else. This works perfectly fine.


    Now I want to improve the controls. The player currently needs to tap on the controller after placing it on the field to switch between the two MultiPointTouchAeas. I want him to be able to place the controller and immediately navigate the tank with one swipe over the screen.

    This means I have to switch from the playing field MultiPointTouchArea to the controller MultiPointTouchArea after receiving the first TouchPoint. How can I achieve that with one pressed() signal?


    Much appreciated.



    I wonder if gesture.grab() is the kind of thing you need?   I haven’t tried it myself, but it sounds like the kind of thing…





    Thank you for your reply.

    I tried it, but it doesn’t seem to work. Other ideas?


    Felgo Team


    you could also try to ask on the Qt support forums, or on stackoverflow.

    Can you also post a code sample for your specific use case?

    Cheers, Chris


    Felgo Team

    I think you will have to put all the logic into one MultiPointTouchArea. Since there is only one touch event, which will be consumed by the first MultiPointTouchArea, there is no way (as far as I know) that the second MultiPointTouchArea can respond to the same event. So basically you move all your controller logic (like the swipe detection) to the big MultiPointTouchArea, and the “controller” ends up being just a visual thing that you reposition if the new touch would logically be outside of it.

    But yeah, maybe the Qt support forum could come up with a nicer solution :/




    Thank you both for your replies. I did ask the question on the Qt support board, but I didn’t receive any answers yet.


    We managed to put the logic in one MultiPointTouchArea. It was a bit tricky, but we were able to pull it off. Finally everything works again.

    Thank you very much.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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