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    Hi ! I want to use QtRPT in my Felgo App but its .pri file requires QtScript . I installed QtScript and Sources with the maintenance tool of Felgo but Qt Creator still displays : unknown module(s) in QT : script.


    I also tried to add Felgo to an existing Qt installation(5.11.2) which has Qt Script installed but i could not.


    Please help me ! I have to release the app next week !


    Felgo Team

    Hi Alex,

    Are you using Felgo Live for development?

    The Live Client is pre-built by Felgo and only supports a chosen selection of most important Qt modules.
    With a custom app build, you have all activated Qt features and modules available, even if the Live Client does not support it.

    To use Felgo Live with such additions, you can also build your own Live Client, as described here:




    No i am not using felgo live for development. The error does not come from the Live Client, it seems like it is impossible to add Qt Script to your Qt 5.11.1 Felgo installation !


    Felgo Team

    Hi Alex,

    the Felgo SDK distributes custom Build Kits (with Qt . 5.11.1 at the moment). Qt Script is currently not included among the modules of the Kits. In case you have the Qt 5.11.1 module available in another Qt installation, it should work to copy the module over to the Felgo Build Kit.

    It is not planned to make it available in the future, as it is already deprecated. We do however offer custom Qt Build Kits as part of the included support for customers on our paid subscription plans.
    Let me know in case this is interesting for you!

    Günther from Felgo




    How can i achieve the copy ? Simply by copying the QtScript folder of qt 5.11.1 into Felgo one ?


    Felgo Team

    The Felgo installation is a regular Qt installation. You can find the Qt Build Kits in the FelgoSDK/Felgo directory. Can you try copying the Qt Script module there, in this same structure as for regular Qt?
    In case it doesn’t work, you can also ask in the official Qt forums for information how to add a Qt module to a different Qt installation via copy (didn’t try this myself yet).

    Let me know if it works!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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