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    I have not updated my V-play.

    Currently my Felgo still has:

    <b>Qt Creator 2.4.1 </b>

    Based on Qt 4.7.4 (64 bit)

    Built on Jan 25 2012 at 12:40:26
    From revision 8cd370e163


    I want to update to the latest V-play.

    I tried to use the Maintenance Tool but I get the following message:

    Could not fetch Updates.xml from repository: Error: Error downloading – server replied: Forbidden



    Im thinking I may have to reinstall everything again.

    How do I delete the old Felgo to redownload and still everything?

    Do I just drag the “FelgoSDK” folder to trash? (I’m using MAC)…..


    What’s the best way to update to the latest V-play?

    How do I port my old code to the new V-play?  Or do I just need to re-compile the old code with the new version of V-play and that’s it??

    Thank you


    Felgo Team


    you are correct, Felgo 2 uses a new installer, please follow these steps:

    1. You can uninstall Felgo 1 by opening the maintenance tool & select “Remove all components” (alternatively you can also trash the entire Felgo folder & manually delete the project wizards from ~/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/templates/wizards/)
    2. Download the new installer from and install Felgo 2 with your Felgo user account

    Instead of opening your old project, create a new one from a wizard, this ensures that you are using all the latest Felgo 2 functionalities:

    1. Open Qt Creator & create a new “Felgo 2 – Empty Project”
    2. Copy over all your QML files from the old project to the new “qml” folder
    3. Optionally move all your assets (images, sounds, videos) from the qml to the assets folder and change the paths within your project

    For porting to Felgo 2 perform the following steps:

    1. Change the Felgo import statement from “import VPlay 1.0” to “import Felgo 3.0” and change all QtQuick imports to “import QtQuick 2.0”
    2. Build & run your project to check for errors
    3. If there are any unresolved issues please ask your questions here. 🙂





    Thank you very much…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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