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    A lot of mapping examples on the ESRI website import the ArcGIS.AppFramework module.  I have the ArcGIS runtime license working in my Felgo setup but can I get the AppFramework modules for AppStudio to work with Felgo?




    Is there a way to import the ArcGIS AppFramework modules that comes with the AppStudio installation?


    Barazi Ala


    I am also getting problems. Please see the attached photo.


    This what happen when I click on Run Live button. But when I click the run button without “Live” then the app work. However, if you want to use GameWindow it will not allow this giving error that the root must be an app window.

    If you place GameWindoItem inside Felgo APP EntityManager work inside Felgo Application if you run it from Run Live but not with ESRI QML application. However, the application work with ESRI QML (100.7) application if you run it from Run button without “Live” and without supporting Entity Manager.

    In short:

    • Run Live does not support Esri QML application (can’t load the library)
    • Run support Esri QML application
    • GameWindow as root is not supported by Esri QML application
    • Felgo Games features like Entity Manger is not supported when using Esri QML application

    This example show the issues:




    Felgo Team
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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