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    Felgo Team

    It’s finally done, after a lot of work and also a lot of support from the Felgo team, we can finally announce our very first Felgo game: Blockoban

    It is already available in the Google Play Store:

    “A new innovative and mind-boggling puzzle game which is also a revolution of the puzzle genre!

    The goal of the game is easy. You have to build ways for your nameless hero by moving blocks to collect all the gems on the playfield.”

    Blockoban already features 50 levels, divided into two worlds of different difficulty, made by us, plus you can also create your own with our self-made level editor.
    It also includes a score system, where you only receive the best score, when you reach or beat or own high score.

    The game was developed by me (Christian Bartsch) and Andreas Guetz (Felgo user porcupine).

    We hope we can get some feedback from other Felgo users and maybe also the team of Felgo 🙂

    PS: I don’t know if I’m supposed to post under announcements, maybe you could create a custom games forum or something 😉


    Felgo Team

    Looking really great, congratulations, we’ve already installed it on all of our Android devices! 😉

    And thanks for your suggestion for a dedicated game sub forum, we’ll definitely add one in the future, for now you’re absolutely welcome to post in the announcements. We would also like to add your game to our upcoming showcase games section if you don’t mind…




    Wooah, really a big thank you.
    It woud be great to be in the showcase games section 🙂
    We think the v-play engine is really a great engine to create cross-plattform games.



    Felgo Team

    Just fyi, we also added a link to Blockoban’s Play Store download page on our homepage, hope this gets you some more downloads. 😉



    Felgo Team

    Hey, thanks for that.

    FYI, we just published Version 1.2 to the Google Play Store, which includes:
    – new sound effects
    – new graphical effects (animations, particles)
    – integrated flurry
    – bug and performance fixes



    We published today Blockoban for iOS-Devices!

    It has the same features as the Android-Version.

    So check it out on iTunes!


    Felgo Team

    Very cool, congrats!!



    Congrats for your very nice game!

    This is rather a question for the other forum but may I ask why you had to include “loading” screens in the menu (I tested on android)? This seems quite peculiar. Usually one wants to quickly navigate in the game’s menu and I am just wondering if you tried to optimise and didn’t manage or if you were ok with the way it is. I am also asking because I just started to implement the menu for our game and I am somewhat concerned about the suggested structure with different scenes as in squabby. This does not seem very efficient to me (memory wise).

    Anyway, enjoyed playing your game!




    Felgo Team

    Hi, thanks for your post!


    When a different menu screen is to be shown, it is either loaded from a QML file (like the about screen) or a QML string is built dynamically (for the level selection screens which can include a dynamic number of levels) and then an object is built from this, and displayed.

    Apparently this takes some time (especially on older devices).

    But you raise a good point, it would probably possible to implement this another way.

    Cheers, Chrisu



    Hi Chrisu,

    congratulations for Blockoban!

    Chris told me, that you are using localisation in Blockoban. I wonder how to implement it without access to c++ and QTranslator. In my game i have a lot of strings that i should translate to different languages. It would be very kind if you could share, how you did it. Thank you in advance!





    Felgo Team

    Felgo Team

    We just updated to Felgo 1.4 and released the Update in the Google Play Store, so now the loading times are improved quite a lot.
    The update for iOS will be available soon, and we have also planned a release in the BlackBerry market 🙂



    Congrats! Just out of curiosity: why don’t you also release for symbian, just for the fun of it?


    Felgo Team

    Good idea, I somehow completely forgot about Symbian 😀 We will definitely look into that 😉



    Good, would be great if you could report in case you try to submit to the market.

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