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    Meanwhile the Quit Onbackpress is not working for windows phone. it shows the dialog and when i click OK or Cancel nothing happens. same dialog works fine for Android.  How can i overcome this one.  and is it necessary to have the back button working for a windows phone 8 game because i feel i may fail Q/A because of this.

    I have still failed to use the winphone_arm and winphone_x86 to build the shaders.  the only one working is winrt_x64.  but i cannot use it to build the final shaders.







    i have a feeling i have to have an actual windows device in-order to do the step of the shaders.



    Hi Chris and Alex in the video tutorial the guy states that the device 0  is your actual physical device. i think this is my error. i have managed to get my game to run on the emulator but unfortunately i do not have a windows device.  i do not know what do from here.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Caesar,

    please switch to the folder of your shadow build, and then run the qtd3dservice.exe, else it will not be able to find your project and build the shaders. I am not sure if you need an actual phone attached to build the shaders, but I don’t quite think so, unfortunately I can’t test this before Monday.

    You are right, the dialog to quit the app is not working, we will have a look at this next week.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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