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Felgo Daily Builds

Felgo Daily Builds allow you to use the latest patches, bug fixes and new functionality of Felgo.

Daily Builds are an exclusive feature for our customers on the Pro Plan with Daily Build Support. Thus Pro customers are able to access new features months before users on the Starter Plan. To upgrade your account to the Pro Plan and get access to Daily Builds together with other benefits, click here. Please see the License Page which of the licenses includes Daily Build Access.

Note: Even if daily builds are not always entirely stable (both in terms of API and during execution), our valued Pro Users do not need to wait for the next regular Felgo update, but can develop with the latest version and then instantly distribute their games using the daily build libraries. Thus this is a significant advantage, because you can use the latest features first-hand.

Daily Build Additions

We announce bigger additions and new features on the Felgo Blog. The full list of changes, additions and bug fixes are listed in the Daily Build section of the Changelog.

Getting Daily Builds

To use daily builds in your projects, two steps are required:

  1. Download Daily Builds
  2. Activate Daily Builds in Config Files

Download Daily Builds

Start the MaintenanceTool in your Felgo installation directory, choose the "Package manager" option and select the "Daily Builds" packages as shown in the image below.

Note: You will only see the daily build entry in your trial, or after upgrading to one of the paid plans of Felgo which includes Daily Build Access.

We are shipping an own documentation for the latest daily build additions, so you can access the latest components with auto-completion in Qt Creator and view the in-editor help. Thus we recommend to also install the "Documentation" package for Qt Creator integration. Note that the Felgo online documentation always contains the latest daily build version. You can also select the latest Examples and Demos source code, so you are able to access example implementations and new demos of the recently added features.

After the installation, you will see an own subfolder called daily in the <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo/ and <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Demos/Felgo/ folders which contain the latest examples & demos. To add the latest documentation to Qt Creator, open the Options dialog and under Help/Documentation select the Felgo-daily.qch file from the <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Docs folder.

Update to a New Daily Build

If you selected the "Daily Builds" package at your initial Felgo installation or installed it later on with the "Package manager", you can update to the latest daily build version as a Pro customer. To update to the latest version, simply start the MaintenanceTool again and this time choose "Update Components" instead of "Package manager" and download the available daily build update.

New daily build updates are released about every 1 - 4 weeks and bring new features and bug fixes. To hear about the improvements follow us on Twitter or Facebook. And for a list of added daily build features and bug fixes, you can see the changelog.

Activate Daily Builds in Config Files

As you might also prefer to publish your final game not with a daily build but with the latest stable version of Felgo, we made it really easy to switch between these two on a per-project base.

When you create a new project with the Felgo project template wizards, you will find this configuration line in your project file (the .pro file):

 CONFIG += felgo

If you want to switch between stable and daily builds you simply replace the line

 CONFIG += felgo

in your .pro file with

 CONFIG += felgo_daily

and run a clean build.

Note: It is important to select "Build / Clean Project" followed by "Build / Run qmake" before a new project is started so the daily build libraries get used.

Activate Daily Build For Build Server

Changing the .pro file allows you to use daily builds on your desktop PC. To also use the daily build libraries on the Felgo Build Server, modify your config.json file in the qml directory like the following example:

   "title": "My Felgo App",
   "identifier": "com.felgo.examples.TestApp",
   "orientation": "landscape",
   "versioncode": 1,
   "versionname": "1.0",

   "sdk": "daily"

The relevant addition is the last line:

 "sdk": "daily"

This activates the daily build libraries for this project on the build server. By default, the stable version would be used.

So if you activate daily builds in your .pro file also enable it in the config.json file to use the latest daily build library on Felgo Build Server.

See also Felgo Update Guide, Felgo Installation, and Deploying Felgo Games & Apps.

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