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QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl Class

The QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl class provides a control for setting the capture buffer format. More...

Header: #include <QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl>
qmake: QT += multimedia
Inherits: QMediaControl

Public Functions

virtual ~QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl()
virtual QVideoFrame::PixelFormat bufferFormat() const = 0
virtual void setBufferFormat(QVideoFrame::PixelFormat format) = 0
virtual QList<QVideoFrame::PixelFormat> supportedBufferFormats() const = 0
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void bufferFormatChanged(QVideoFrame::PixelFormat format)

Protected Functions

QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl(QObject *parent = nullptr)
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl class provides a control for setting the capture buffer format.

The format is of type QVideoFrame::PixelFormat.

The interface name of QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl is org.qt-project.qt.cameracapturebufferformatcontrol/5.0 as defined in QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl_iid.

See also QMediaService::requestControl().

Member Function Documentation

[protected] QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl::QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a new image buffer capture format control object with the given parent

[virtual] QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl::~QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl()

Destroys an image buffer capture format control.

[pure virtual] QVideoFrame::PixelFormat QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl::bufferFormat() const

Returns the current buffer capture format.

See also setBufferFormat().

[signal] void QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl::bufferFormatChanged(QVideoFrame::PixelFormat format)

Signals the buffer image capture format changed to format.

[pure virtual] void QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl::setBufferFormat(QVideoFrame::PixelFormat format)

Sets the buffer capture format.

See also bufferFormat().

[pure virtual] QList<QVideoFrame::PixelFormat> QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl::supportedBufferFormats() const

Returns the list of the supported buffer capture formats.

Macro Documentation



Defines the interface name of the QCameraCaptureBufferFormatControl class.

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