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Obsolete Members for QChar

The following members of class QChar are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.

Public Types

(obsolete) enum Joining { Center, Dual, OtherJoining, Right }

Public Functions

(obsolete) QChar::Joining joining() const
(obsolete) char toAscii() const

Static Public Members

(obsolete) QChar fromAscii(char c)
(obsolete) QChar::Joining joining(uint ucs4)

Member Type Documentation

enum QChar::Joining

This enum type defines the Unicode joining attributes. See the Unicode Standard for a description of the values.

Constant Value
QChar::Center 3
QChar::Dual 1
QChar::OtherJoining 0
QChar::Right 2

See also joining().

Member Function Documentation

[static] QChar QChar::fromAscii(char c)

Converts the ASCII character c to it's equivalent QChar. This is mainly useful for non-internationalized software.

An alternative is to use QLatin1Char.

See also fromLatin1() and unicode().

QChar::Joining QChar::joining() const

Returns information about the joining properties of the character (needed for certain languages such as Arabic).

[static] QChar::Joining QChar::joining(uint ucs4)

This is an overloaded function.

Returns information about the joining properties of the UCS-4-encoded character specified by ucs4 (needed for certain languages such as Arabic).

char QChar::toAscii() const

Returns the Latin-1 character value of the QChar, or 0 if the character is not representable.

The main purpose of this function is to preserve ASCII characters used in C strings. This is mainly useful for developers of non-internationalized software.

Note: It is not possible to distinguish a non-Latin 1 character from an ASCII 0 (NUL) character. Prefer to use unicode(), which does not have this ambiguity.

Note: This function does not check whether the character value is inside the valid range of US-ASCII.

See also toLatin1() and unicode().

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