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Obsolete Members for QCoreApplication

The following members of class QCoreApplication are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.

Public Types

(obsolete) enum Encoding { UnicodeUTF8 }

Static Public Members

(obsolete) void flush()
(obsolete) bool hasPendingEvents()
(obsolete) QString translate(const char *context, const char *key, const char *disambiguation, QCoreApplication::Encoding encoding, int n = ...)
  • 1 static public member inherited from QObject

Member Type Documentation

enum QCoreApplication::Encoding

This enum type used to define the 8-bit encoding of character string arguments to translate(). This enum is now obsolete and UTF-8 will be used in all cases.

Constant Value Description
QCoreApplication::UnicodeUTF8 0 UTF-8. UTF-8.

See also QObject::tr() and QString::fromUtf8().

Member Function Documentation

[static] void QCoreApplication::flush()

This function is equivalent to calling QCoreApplication::eventDispatcher()->flush(), which also is deprecated, see QAbstractEventDispatcher::flush(). Use sendPostedEvents() and processEvents() for more fine-grained control of the event loop instead.

Historically this functions was used to flush the platform-specific native event queues.

See also sendPostedEvents(), processEvents(), and QAbstractEventDispatcher::flush().

[static] bool QCoreApplication::hasPendingEvents()

This function returns true if there are pending events; otherwise returns false. Pending events can be either from the window system or posted events using postEvent().

Note: this function is not thread-safe. It may only be called in the main thread and only if there are no other threads running in the application (including threads Qt starts for its own purposes).

See also QAbstractEventDispatcher::hasPendingEvents().

[static] QString QCoreApplication::translate(const char *context, const char *key, const char *disambiguation, QCoreApplication::Encoding encoding, int n = ...)

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