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Stream Class

qmake: QT += core

Public Types

enum FormatFlag { NoQuotes }
enum anonymous { DefaultVerbosity, VerbosityShift, VerbosityMask }

Public Functions

Stream(QIODevice *device)
Stream(QString *string)
Stream(QtMsgType t)
void setFlag(Stream::FormatFlag flag)
void setVerbosity(int v)
bool testFlag(Stream::FormatFlag flag) const
void unsetFlag(Stream::FormatFlag flag)
int verbosity() const

Member Type Documentation

enum Stream::FormatFlag

enum Stream::anonymous

Member Function Documentation

Stream::Stream(QIODevice *device)

Default constructs an instance of Stream.

Stream::Stream(QString *string)

Default constructs an instance of Stream.

Stream::Stream(QtMsgType t)

Default constructs an instance of Stream.

void Stream::setFlag(Stream::FormatFlag flag)

void Stream::setVerbosity(int v)

See also verbosity().

bool Stream::testFlag(Stream::FormatFlag flag) const

void Stream::unsetFlag(Stream::FormatFlag flag)

int Stream::verbosity() const

See also setVerbosity().

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